BTS Albums in Order: The Complete List With Songs Name

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BTS Albums in Order: the entire List With Songs

BTS albums in order

If you’re curious a way to get into BTS and study BTS albums in order so as we’ve got your back. BTS, or Bangtan Boys, initial debuted in two013 with their mini-album 2 Cool four Skool, however they became international superstars in 2017 once they discharged their album Wings and therefore the music video for its lead single Blood Sweat & Tears. Since then, they need been the foremost in style Korean band on the world and ar still breaking records left and right! however does one get your hands on their albums?


This K-pop cluster from Republic of Korea discharged their initial album two Cool four Skool in 2013. they’re still rising, with the discharge of their eighth album Love Yourself: Tear in 2018. BTS, that stands for Bangtan Boys, is legendary for its socially acutely aware lyrics and music videos that tackle topics like mental state, suicide, anxiety and depression. The cluster has seven members — Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM (formerly referred to as Rap Monster), Jimin, V and Jungkook. All seven members contributed to writing or co-writing the lyrics on their most up-to-date album.

The albums ar listed below, with songs for every offered for listening on Spotify. every entry includes a link to pay attention to or get every album. additionally, we’ve enclosed links to some of our favourite


1. Skool Luv Affair (Skool Love Affair)
2. O!RUL8,2? (OORU8LIFE?)
3. Dark & Wild (Dark & Wild)
4. Skool Luv Affair Special Addition
5. the foremost lovely Moment In Life half one
7. WINGS Short Film
8. two Cool For Skool
9. Skool Luv Affair
10. No a lot of Dream

Skool Luv Affair (Skool Love Affair)

The Skool Luv Affair album is that the fourth Korean album discharged by BTS. It consists of seven songs with a complete period of twenty minutes and fifteen seconds. The tracks on this album ar regarding relationship, sincerity, and therefore the difficulties of faculty life. this can be a good addition to your BTS playlist! hear a number of these songs below!


This list is compiled of all the tracks on BTS’ album, ‘O!RUL8,2? (OORU8LIFE?)’. This list includes promotional singles and b-side tracks that aren’t enclosed on the complete unharness. once some restructuring, this list was created to a lot of clearly showcase every song as a track. It currently options the official English translation of every Korean title from their parent album. additionally, it’s been updated with the new song Go Go from their repackaged album titled You ne’er Walk Alone.

Dark & Wild (Dark & Wild)

This album was discharged on August twenty, 2015, and is that the group’s initial unharness with a dark tone. during this album Bys unharness self-empowering songs like Go Go and Young Forever. On Sept ninth 2015, the music video for i would like U was recorded that featured a protracted period of choreography; per Namjoon, it needed every member to get on their feet for twenty hours straight. It conjointly options different upbeat songs like Dope and fireplace. during this album there are 2 ballads that feature Suga singing lead vocals- Save American state from Silence (the title track) and fall Leaves. The last song options Jin singing with rap from Suga known as Outro: Love isn’t Over — old friend

Skool Luv Affair Special Addition (Skool relationship Special Addition)

Finally, Skool Luv Affair Special Addition which may be translated as Luv faculty Special Edition. i will be able to say this can be not simply a repackage however AN album of brand name new songs and remixes. This assortment options four tracks from the Love Yourself series of albums, as well as old friend, Lost, and one among my favorites, Pied Piper. There are 2 songs from Wings, Interlude: Wings (Hidden Track) and Spring Day. What’s conjointly wonderful regarding this album is that it includes one song from BTS’ Japanese debut album with Jin known as Greek deity (Dionysus). My favorite song on the whole album is unquestionably cracker as a result of it’s such a catchy beat to it!

The Most lovely Moment In Life half one (The Most lovely Moment In Life half 1)

The BTS album has been discharged, the album contains many varieties of songs as well as hip-hop, entice and electronica. If you’re an acquaintance of all genres, this album is for you. This album takes on all kinds of topics from nonreciprocal like to bragging regarding however nice life is. My personal favorite song off the album is Butterfly. you’ll notice it at range four on the list!

This was only one nice action in AN surprisingly long list of successes by BTS. they need continued to unharness wonderful albums that may continually keep American state returning for a lot of. I hope they continue with their success so we have a tendency to could also be able to relish a lot of music together!


2015’s 《WINGS》marked the primary time BTS discharged 2 full albums consecutively. at intervals four hours of unharness, it hit the highest spot on six completely different period of time charts and went on to become the popular album for 2015. it had been their third EP to chart on sign two hundred wherever it peaked at range twenty six. WINGS was conjointly one among their a lot of in style albums because of its sturdy singles like Boy In Luv, Save Me, and Blood Sweat & Tears.

WINGS Short Film

This section options the Wings short film, that was recorded on Jeju Island throughout Gregorian calendar month and Oct 2016. The video’s unharness caused a large wave of anticipation as fans thirstily anticipated the new music video, to be discharged aboard the album on Oct ten. thereon day, BFT discharged not one however 2 videos: Wings Short Film and Wings Short Film two, giving a lot of details regarding their years of toil and their relationships with one another.

within the second half, Jungkook unconcealed his true self as AN creator by drawing art. In it he role player himself as a toddler while not wings and conjointly role player himself growing up and being accepted by others for United Nations agency he’s. He then paints AN older version of himself flying into a rainbow-filled sky with lovely wings adult.

2 Cool For Skool

Cool For Skool may be a faculty themed album with seven tracks, however very only 1 song. we have a tendency to ar Bulletproof atomic number 78.2 is that the preferred and it’s wonderful. however if you don’t like that one then there isn’t anything on this album for you. this can be not a tremendous album,

Skool Luv Affair

While there ar several BTS albums that have hit music charts and were even certified by the RIAA, every album incorporates a few or many alternative gems price being attentive to. Skool Luv Affair is one among the newer albums from the cluster and has a minimum of 3 songs that have caught listeners’ ears. If you are new K-pop and need AN introduction to the cluster, this album would be an honest place to start out. It options completely different music genres like entice, hip hop, house and future bass.

No a lot of Dream
In Gregorian calendar month of 2013, the seven member South Korean boy band debuted with No a lot of Dream below massive Hit recreation. created by yankee ballad maker William Ruhlmann, the only had a rap written by J-Hope. That Dec they followed up with their initial EP two Cool four Skool, that reached range thirty three on Billboard’s World Album Chart. A month later the BTS album tracklist lidded the Gaon Singles Chart and Bithymen Charts.

Now that you just have an inventory of all the BTS albums, we have a tendency to hope this offers you a lot of information regarding their songs and that album is best for your style . that one is your favorite? What’s your opinion on this post? we wish to listen to from you! For a lot of News update you’ll subscribe One Daily News for up to date breaking news updates.




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